The month of March has been a busy one -- hence my lack of devotion to this blog. But really, Im never overly devoted to anything in life so this doesn't surprise me.
ANYWAYS, hope you all have been doing well and not holding your breath for this next post.

So, Here we are! Pictures from my surprise birthday party that my sweet friends and roomates planned and my long Carnaval weekend (and looong bus ride) down south to Cadiz. It was crazy because it snowed in Zamora on my birthday and then the next day in Cadiz, we were on the beach eating candy apples. Time is flying by and I am enjoying my time here MUCHO.

(and a brief explanation of Carnaval: I went with my roomates Misha who is from Atlanta area, and Estefi, who is from Granada in southern Spain. Stefi goes to carnaval in Cadiz every year, so it was incredibly special to spend our weekend with her here! She loves this holiday and place so passionately and we had a blast hanging out with her and her friends who we met up with! Carnaval basically is the week you do all of your sinning before Lent begins .. and so traditionally masks and costumes were worn so your identity was separated from your actions. I was a flower, Stefi was a clown and Misha was a pregnant choni. Oh, you dont know what a choni is? hahah -- Chonis in spain are a type of person who I would say is the equivalent of a valley girl from Jersey with a touch of ghetto in her. They always have tons of makeup, tight clothes, big earrings, a wad of gum and a bandana around their head. Misha added some irony and a pillow and was a pregnant choni. I wish you could see the concern in the peoples faces!! They really thought she was pregnant .. clown face, bottle of whiskey and all!)