Today was my first full day of teaching at La Vaguada and guess what ....


It was so great! Apparently the teachers can chose what to do with you, so my biology and English teachers decided to split the class in half and I led each half by myself. It was so FUN! I was amazed at how well I kept their attention and respect. We (me and the mouse in my pocket at least) had a really good time.

My assignment for English was to have casual conversation and talk about Halloween. Apparently it's a trendy new holiday for the younger kids, but the 15-year-olds had no interest in dressing up and getting candy (how dumb!) However, conversation ranged from smoking pot to how the Lehmann Brothers ruined Spain's economy. What a topic! I was surprised at how socially and economically aware they are. I was so proud to see they were comfortable and confident enough with me to really converse. I also had to make my first threat: "If you say the F word one more time ..." You know how it goes Mom ...

I finished teaching at 2:50 and began my first tutoring lesson at 5:30. halelujahhhh he was a precious 11-year-old who gave me a run for my money. I can talk to a brick wall and he can get one to respond. We had a blast and I'm hooking him and Emily up when she gets here. Practice your Spanish and soccer babe cause you have a DATE! Scoot over tanner green ;)

What else ... yesterday was Misha and mine's first day at the English academy ... apparently his 8 euro/hour promise was for both of us together, not each. So I earned 4 euro but had a great time! I am here for the experience, not dinero. I saw one of my "students" (who are actually English teachers and are way older than me!) on the street this morning and we kissed and talked and it was like seeing a best friend. A great encounter! Zamora is just the right size.

Im a happy camper over here:) Just about to have a glass of wine with my roomies and watch the Real Madrid vs Milano match!


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