Miles away

I am SO pissed. Everyone is going to see baby Miles before me. I am so nervous about the birth I can't sleep at night and sad that I'm going to miss this. I am sad that bub called me to talk about it and now I miss him too. I called mom today and she was grocery shopping. What did you buy? I figured a pork loin. Yesterday I told Misha how TJ is gone and then I thought about Daddy all day long. ALL DAY.

Terrible, horrible, good-for-nothing homesickness.

So please everyone, enjoy being together. Don't forget about me. And please please please say and prayer for Tony and Lacie and Miles. They are going to be a new and wonderful little family! They are an extension of us and a creation from God. So, enjoy seeing them and blessing them! And plllllllease kiss Miles for me a million times and send me tons of picture and videos.

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