I finally became an official American in the eyes of the rest of the world. I have finally been to New York City. And while it fell flat in many ways (it lacked the history Rome and the beauty of Madrid), it was a great experience. The city didn't grab me; there was no emotional sensation except for when I went Ground Zero and Kate Spade. Both were very different and very special.

I remember I cried the first time I visited Spain. Hot tears of excitement and joy to finally be in a country I had studied and desired to know for more than a decade. I have never considered the Big Apple to be American. Not really. How does a New Yorker relate to anyone else in America? How can I relate to them? It has always been hard to find that common ground in our nationality and cultural roots. However, I think I found it. Almost everyone there is a foreigner. It is by far the most international city I've been to and I felt just as foreign as my Pakistani cab driver looked. Except he cursed more than I did (WOW) and insisted Mondays don't have rush hour traffic. Even Lufkin Mondays have rush hour traffic.

Anyway. Seeing Lauren and Ashley and going out with them was fun. I LOVED seeing them! They are such wonderful friends and I am so glad we are staying in touch :) Sky is a monster but I guess thats no surprise -- she has the WOLF gene! way to dominate the dogpark girlfriend! And way to avoid being humped! Life really is hard for her ... avoiding unwanted riding in a public place can be hard but she handled it with grace.

I hope all this makes sense ... Im having major jet lag! It is so gorgeous in Madrid today but I haven't left the hostel yet (I just got here half an hour ago). Im trying to muster up the energy to get on my feet. LOVE the word muster.

There's a girl in the kitchen right now ... muster nosed be pierced??? ew. ;)

Oh, and a shout out to Susan. If you're reading this, you should feel super special that the whale has allowed you to penetrate the group. welcome! Ashley found some interesting whale penis facts in Cosmopolitan --truly a go-to sex and fashion magazine for all mammals ...

Okay, mom just texted me and motivated me to go out. I always need her to motivate me! Thanks Mommy Dearest for helping me make my dreams come true!

Where to...? Retiro park ... the Museo del Prado ... a cafe for a cafe? :) Life is good!

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