lucky number seven(teen)

Okay, so we all knew I wasn't going to blog everyday. thats just stupid. I've had a lot on my plate lately (drinking coffee, watching movies, working, cooking, etc.) So, lets catch up on the last few days:

nothing but dropping temps and trying on sunglasses (who can deny Tom Ford's talent and quirky style -- especially when they are MORE than half the U.S price? )

Back to reality --t onight I am taking the midnight bus with Rachel, Chelsey and Tom to Sevilla. We plan to spend three days there, head south to Granada to visit the infamous Alhambra (a gorgeous 14th century Moorish palace) and then to Cordoba to visit the one and only Mezquita. I am so excited for this mini vaca!! I am charging my cameras as we speak so expect photos sometime next week. (Insert quote from Dad here: "I'm a poet a didn't know it.")


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