hola guys-- I know its been forever. I've been very busily up to no good nothing at all and am just now taking the time to tell you about it. Let's start backwards:

Last night, Misha and I went out with David for the first time. Bar 31 (41? 36?) is right down the street from our house and boasts real American spirit. Darts and a pool table make this bar stand out from the others in town and American rock beats from the ceiling-hung speakers. Guitars in glass cases line the walls, all signed and labeled with names such as AC DC and Metallica. This place, void of any slutty 17-year-old Keisha drones, is a perfect place to find a relaxed atmosphere (unless I'm there after too many Jamesons) and really good music that makes you think "eight-track." So that's where I was on a Monday night. In the midst of Zamora's finest, I was the 'guiri' in the pink cashmere; and thanks to the new nation-wide smoking band, I left smelling like the lamb I came in as.

(Oh and I had a blast and learned not to bet people I would beat them at pool and learned not to mix beer and whiskey. Sometimes its scary to realize you're learning a lesson WHILE you're making the mistake. Maybe it's called common sense though ... who knows?)

On Mondays and Wednesdays I teach English at a language academy here in town. My 'students' range from 16 to late thirties and I really enjoy learning from them as well. It is my fountain of knowledge (biased of course) and can always count on learning something about their hated PM, Zapatero, how America controls the world's gas prices (surpri-ise!) or how a Spanish bachelor party is done properly. Did you know strippers here have many more jobs than their title implies?

Anyway, I worked on Thursday last week as well and this new class was a handful of older elementary kids. I LOVED IT! They are so fun and adoring and don't have that terrible attitude that creeps up around age 14. I know, I just sounded OLD but the young ones respected me so much more than my high school kids and I really enjoyed it. Plus, they respond better to my animation. I'm just a straight up idiot in the eyes of my 16-year-olds.

Earlier last week I began my 'job search' online which ended in a facebook distraction (inevitable). I did get a solid hour of looking though. Apparently Montessori schools require a 9 month training (with a serious pricetag); I've decided I better start teaching the cheapest way possible and make sure I like it first. I think my 'job' here has been great, but maybe a little deceiving as to how a real teacher works.

Okay so maybe I've wowed you enough for now. My life is sooo exciting isn't it? ;) I REALLY am excited to see Mom and Emmy over Easter though. I've done some research on the vitals and now need to narrow down my options from about 15 cities I'd love to take them to. Hope yall have a great weeek! Love YOU. Xx Alyssa

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