Today I spent a STUPENDOUS day at Lake Sanabria with my American friends Travis and Misha and my Portuguese friend Sergio. We left (he has a car whaaaat) around 10 and spent the day in the shadow of the mountains and the reflection of the glorious lake. Lake Sanabria is the pride of Zamora: it originated as a glacier and is now is a magnificently large, clear lake. Really, ask anyone about Zamora, and they'll recommend Lake Sanabria.

So there we were disfrutando (enjoying) the perfect weather; bright snow, huge sunshines and tons of locals with a fabulously different accent.
We nearly ran into some cows in the street so that of course resulted in some
street-photo fun. I am not as brave as th
e picture makes me look -- it was all zoom! :)

I ate trout for lunch, had diarrhea, took a cafe and ended the night with a beautiful and spontaneous trip through Brancanca, Portugal. My first tiiime!! It was wonderful. We stopped in a small bar (the only one open on Sunday evening) and had a beer, some fried squid and really great fried chicken. The bartender
e Portuguese with Sergio, French with Travis and just smiled at me and Misha. After he figured out I wasn't French (I was wearing the all-too-misleading black beret) he asked if I was from Texas. I am leading the strangest life ever.

So, here I am, finally home at 11 pm, a little sunburned, a little windburned and enjoying a nice hot tea. My flannel shirt (yes, with the beret) did me good today and I am sooo happy for a gorgeous and relaxing day in nature. The views were awesome and rejuvenating. I am ready to take on the week :)

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