'Truth be told' -- in my opinion is no longer a welcomed phrase. Truth be told, I am sick of all opinions.

If I have one more person in Spain give me their unwelcome, unsolicited, completely uncalled-for and ignorant opinion, I swear I will pack my lovely luggage up tight and fly my been-going-to-the-gym-all month tight ars home.

In the last weeks I have been called fat, I was told (twice) my face is orange, my shoes are ugly, I look better when I'm wearing sunglasses, my legs are "Blandita", my Spanish is getting worse, my Spanish isn't good at all, and my Kate Spade bag is too big and too pink.

I share a characteristic with an order of fried eggs (blandita =soft, squishy) and had a stare down with 2 people yesterday for showing my legs. Basically I'm a fatty oompa loompa with expensive, yet tacky, style and no talent for languages.

Almost finished, almost finished, almost finished .....


  1. In my opinion, you should start giving your honest opinion back to these people. With a smile of course. ;)