10 things that tell me im in the Right place:

1. Good food. duh .. I eat A LOT and really like all of it. even the little octopusses the other day were cooked in beans and wine. you know i like beans! I have at least 3 espresso a day and then usually coffee ice cream with candied beans. omg i love the beans. Tomatoes are eaten like candy here and the pizza is like something youve never had (unless youve been to Italy.) Also, fatty meats and breads with rich cheeses is like really popular with me here. Its like Rays ... but italian.

2. The Hedwig pillow case. Some of you may be remembering how I made an A in Brit Lit by writing an A-R account of The Lighthouse. H stood for harry potter. I do believe I was called out in class for writing a brilliant essay, especially the insightful approach i took by including modern film in my interpretation of a British classic. text me if you would like an emailed copy of the essay (roughly 10 pages.)

3. The language is brilliant. so brilliant, not even words can describe it. Sometimes we'll all be talking with our hands and between 8 people, a story told, a point will be made and reactions expressed, all by gesture. One womans leaned forward with one arm in a right angle and her other hand cupped in the corner (think Friends); some one else has their eyes rolled back, forearms up and shaking their wrists,limp, fingers joined at the thumb; fingers, in a gun at hip; the middle finger (translates everywhere i guess); one hand extended, palm up, the other hand backhanding it. Oh dio, I could talk with my hands forever. The verbal part of the language is beautful too and im finally catching on. Some of my favorite words (i cant actually spell in italian so pretend with me): Forbici (FOR BEE CHEE) is scissors, piccolo (PEE COH LOH) is small, faggani (FA JAH NEE) is pheasant, mama mia is like oh my gosh, and there are a few others that i dont know yet but are SO funny. like una booba. one boob. really could it mean one boob? maybe so.

4. I nap everyday.

5. the weather is amazing. outstanding. beautiful and bright and breezy; like california without all the blonde bitches (only me).

6. Discretion is rarely used so the kids curse like sailors and announce when they have to take a shit (usually in the middle of dinner or done on the neighbors lawn. Did I tell you about the day i kept smelling poop? Mom you and I both know our noses. we know when we smell something and we are usually right. And ill sniff around and hunt it down like a dog until I find gold. So one day i kept smelling caca. really, like everywhere i went i thought ugh when did i step in dog poo? well its not me im barefoot. two hours later, outside, still smelling it. long story (many many hours) short, I STRUCK GOLD. Lorenzo had been on medication that gives him diahrhea and he had pooped his pants a little. so he took his mutande off and changed them. Well, his foot had contact with the soiled spot and THE CACA HAD DRIED ON HIS FEET. I found it later as we were playing legos (lego my eggo) outside. There was absolutely no embarrasment or discretion. we ran around yelling PIEDI DI CACA! all day. That translates to shit feet.) So, yes, i enjoy the freedom, but rarely take advantage of it myself. although i was tempted to tinkle in the pool the other day ...

7. Seven minutes heaven. No, really i cant think of anything else because im craving coffee ice cream and my mind will not release information until its been satisfied. This is why i made Bs in college. and Cs. but only 1 F!

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  1. Please wear shoes since they poo everywhere...I find that very odd. No one wants ring worms! haha! Also, I am SO jealous you have so much coffee, I love it all too!! You must get that from yo mama :P When you come home, (if you do!!) you should make me some good Italiano!! Miss you!!