ciao ciao miss me? Ive been super busy these last few weeks running from town to town, from puppet shows to church to festivals to the bathroom etc. I have even had time to read a few good books which is something that makes me happy too.

a few weekends ago we went to Gubbia, a gorgeous little medieval town in the mountains to visit Luca's family. The people and food were amazinggggg. think everything homemade and simple; spinach ravioli, amaaazing tagliateli(?) which is pasta and chicken and duck (why dont we really eat duck?) and two deserts and wine and this type of pound cake that is traditionally dipped in wine. WHY DONT WE DIP CAKE IN WINE? seriosuly it was amazing. i dont think i ate for 2 days after.

I think what is so special about this place is the conjunction of food and people, a community that is built around the church and kitchen table. We have a weekly dinner with a few other families and those nights are always the best. the kids play and the adults wine and dine for hours. we never get in bed before midnight! I respect how time is taken out for evenings like this. sure, the next day sucks (for those who cant nap hehe) but this importance of food and friends is a lesson i know ill take home. its like the knut that actually happens! (knut was our weekly dinner plans in college that turned into nightly dinner plans which was so amazing and one of the best memories I have!)

Last weekend I went to Vicenza to meet David (elizabeths boyfriends boyfriend) and we trained to Venice for the festa del redentore which celebrates a church built in honor of when God saved Venice from the plague. There was a SPECTACULO (show) featuring about 45 minutes of fireworks and lots of drinks. it was a great time!! (i think ....) It was so hot and crowded -- just like i would expect Venice to be on a summer night. On the train ride back there was a hail storm and tons of rain .... So obviously i just laughed at how Davids new car (bought the day before) was uncovered.

What else ... other than being severly intoxicated for two days, my 2 hour train ride turned into 6 after someone leapt in front of the train in front of us. So the trains were backed up for hours. When I finally got to my stop, a man tried to take me home. you know, like he thought i was a prostitute. me, in my sweet little jcrew outfit, my silk scarf and cake platter. yea, I was carrying a cake platter. a 50s housewife prostitute. thats me! So, obviously it was a phenomenal weekend. :)

Did you know lindsey lohans in jail? yeah, shes going to die. rip parent trap.

Also, the neighbors kids (the ones that look like you mal!) keep pooping. The baby made her first caca in the potty with me ... the day before she pooped on the patio while we were eating dinner. Then a few days later she peed on our patio. Then last week her sister pooped in the neighbors yard. Did i mention they are always naked too? Imagine .. girls gone wild, always naked, always pooping. I peed my pants in the kitchen, but a dare is different! right?

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