Today my inbox was full of interesting shit. A picture of mom in her new convertible -sex- an email that made me cry a little from miranda and a letter from the school in Zamora, Spain. So much to say, so much I cant say. First off, mom you looked good. Not as good as I looked on my bike on the way to church this morning, but you looked good. Did I mention it is hard to ride a bike in a short dress? I asked Mary to forgive me (just kidding mommy) for my over exposure.

Speaking of overexposure, I went to hakuna matata with the camp a few days ago and some kid poked me and said Bianca. That means White. And he walked away.

I made cinnamon toast for dinner last night and again this morning. haha its been a hit.

Miranda, you asked if I get lonely and yes, I do. I have become an observer instead of an interactor. Because I am with the family everyday, I hang out alot with older folks (like your age darl) and i cant speak well yet so i always feel like im eavesdropping. I sit by myslef alot when I get tired of just smiling and pretending to know whats going on. But, lucy and luca are so great in translating, including me, etc. They couldnt be better hosts! Whats been amazing is that I see all of yall in everything. There is a man who looks exactly like big nig Randy and he installs swimming pools by day and when the moon comes out, he turns into the piano man. Yep, mr. george italia plays and sings at weddings, bars, parties etc. and he is hilarious! Lets see ... my shower curtain is penguins frolicking in the antarctic (amber) my neighbor and her baby sister are precious and look like mallory, Walter is andy reincarnated, as i grow more comfortable with the people i know, i get weirder and weirder and say anything that reminds me of abbey, Lucy asked if AK is japanese (??????????????????????????????????) and whats else ..... theres more Ill have to think of later.

This weekend and monday and tuesday are some kind of holiday so everytihng is closed and they are having festivals at night. They close down the square and people wine and dine; there is a stage set up for singers, pinocchio the play and a wedding dress fashion show.

Switching to past tense now because its thursday .. pinocchio was fantastically funny, the music was great and I knew half the actors and singers. There was also the wedding dress show which was local girls modeling their moms dresses and it was terrible. terrible. terrible. mostly funny terrible, but there were a few girls who thought this might be the show that makes their modeling career. I am sad to report they are still in town working at bar/gelateria Snoopy.

Wednesday I went to Mirabilandia ("Like disney world but smaller!") and they really meant smaller. There were two bigs rides and a dungeon drop called Space Shuttle Columbia. I didnt ride it because it exploded over Lufkin one time and it felt like bad Karma. But in all the trip was super fun, i got to see the man i love and had mickey ds fries.

And omg Dolly Parton is on Letterman. O M G Ak. I am so happy. She is in pink satin. head to toe. God Bless Dolly and her World. Splash country and a grist mill??? UGHHHH my first child will be named dolly.

Lorenzo colored the grout with a black marker today (I should have just ridden Columbia.)

The sexual tension between me and my crush in dynamic. When he gets his drivers liscence (Dolly just referred to the titanic) hes taking me out. If its okay with his girlfriend.

I made cinamon toast again today.

AND I MADE SIMPLE SAUCE its so good shlee:

boil tomatoes until they are soft and the juices are boiling
put them in the de-pulper thing(basically remove the skins and press them through a fine pulper)
heat ev olive oil and fine chopped garlic for a sec
add tomatoe juice and the goodness that sticks to the mesh thing
add fresh basil, oild and salt.
simmer until its thickened a bit

Thats all and its amazing. For better flavor, use smaller varieties like grape or cherry.

Also, thank you letterman for acting as my main American news source.

I have so much to tell you! more coming xxx

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