There are far and few between who are reading this, but I owe it to someone (maybe just 1 someone) to explain myself. Internet just isn't as reliable here and blogging everyday will probably never work. However, I still love spain so lets get on with the countdown.

24 days.

thanksgiving has passed, Thank the Lord, and I no longer need to remind myself that this would be my first thanksgiving away from family, friends and that perfect Texas fall weather (haha). But actually, I had a really fun thanksgiving with the group of students here in Zamora. Everyone brought something unique to the table and to realize at 4am that I had spent the nearly the entire night in Castellano was a fabulous feeling. (lets work on saying it correctly: In Spain, they speak Castellano. Not spanish. There is a very nearly invisible line between the two, but its there.)

Anyways Mom, thank you so much for calling me from turkey day lunch! It meant so much to pass around the phone and talk to everyone. Thank yall for thinking about me!

Refent discovery: EuroGrill. Fries and mayo (dutch style), texas-sized burgers (rhode island sized patty) and its is located next door. literally i went in sweat pants and a pea coat.

Another thing, this weather is GREAT! blue skies and sunshine. Loving IT. LOVE LOVE LOVe.

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