36 more days

Ready to come home to Texas and See You!

Everyday for my last 36 days here, I will publish something spectacular about Spain. Even though I am ready to come home and see you, Im learning to live in the present :)

So, #36: I don't work until 7 p.m. on Mondays, so I have wonderful me time all day. Laundry, cleaning, painting my nails, you name it. Today I bought new grading pens and notecards (seriously it is so exciting to buy teacher stuff. I decided I am going to marry rich so I can have the best classroom at my school!!) Now, I am refreshed and ready to spend an hour with English learners! Tonights topic: describing people! we are working on details!

Current song Im listening to: Charmer by Kings of Leon (find it, listen to it)

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