Happy Halloween!

We threw a really great party with tons of food (chorizo-in-a-blanket, caramel apples, apple cake) and our BYOB request resulted in great local and Portuguese wines. I made friends
with a Portuguese guy named Sergio and he is just fascinating! His family has a farm on this side of the pond and he was telling me that wind energy is an emerging industry in Portugal. He said it is really popular for people to drive down the highway and stop and burn tree farms because they block the wind from the wind turbines. Interesting act of arson, isn't it? He also has fabulous lips that could be their own character on Housewives of Orange County. He might have actually been the muse for the original collagen infused lips!

Allie and her boyfriend (Wisconsin) came as Adam and the Garden. They were sinfully hilarious.

Misha (Atlanta) dressed as a crazy housewife (apron, flour head, coffee mug, the works.) I think she actually was crazy by the time the party began. She had slaved away all day cooking and decorating!

And Alyssa ... well I was a rabbit with light up ears (3 speeds) and naturally my new fur jacket and scarf. Both resale, both real rabbit fur. I was a bundle of furry fun!

I only wish I hadn't been quite so furry ... I later found out my costume wasn't THAT great, it was just that conejo (Spanish for rabbit) is another word for Vagina. I was basically a resale vagina this year. Halloween 2011? I'll be an upscale vagina ... that way when people laugh, I can remember I paid good money for their pleasure.

Oh and the apron that makes me look really hot? Yeah, that was just me post costume change. the apron and the rabbit made it out to the bars that night :)

Here is a pic of me and David my roomy. His nickname is Kyle.

In Spain, nicknames can have NOTHING to do with your real name. I've named his ticketmaster because he is always selling something. He is about to take nude photos with friends to make a calendar. He is selling them for 5 euro each. He also asked me to be the photographer.

I haven't turned him down yet.

(just being honest Mom ....)

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