Italy is great, the mosquitos are great, the food is great, the dunlap disease is great (my belly dunlapped over my jeans) and communicating in multiple languages is great. Really. I love it here! The funniest things happen and I just smile as this whole new little world goes on around me. I woke and and Antonio (the oldest, sweet little boy) put milk on the stove for me. Oh good. Do I like warm milk? absolutely not. But then, he put brown sugar in a cup and made me an espresso shot ("George Clooney's Espresso Machine" he said) and then added the warm milk and just smiled at me. The family is so attentive and sweet in so many ways.

This morning I took Lorenzo (almost four; he is the baby and talks to me ALOT in fast Italian and loves superman) to school. I have a bike with a baby seat and a bunch of kids who dont look like me! It is great.

More dunlap to come. Ciao xx


  1. From LIzzy and JEnny:

    HAHAHAH so glad you are loving the little world around you, and getting settled in! glad to know youre getting the little chicos to school by bicycle :)

    i hope that you are able to spread the dunlap disease all over italia...they need to experience some east texas. 713- ABOGADO!

  2. wait a tick, you BIKE THE KID TO SCHOOL??

    but I'm sooo glad to hear it's going well. more stories/details please!


  3. I bike a kid to school. Every morning he lurches for the lavender that grows on the side of the road aND WE NEARLY DIE EVERY TIME. but at least it smells like heaven everywherrrreee.

    713 ABOGADO. speaking of, the other day I said something to lalo and he said dont care in italian which sounded the same and spanish so I told him in spanish WELL I DONT CARE EITHER. then the neighbor pops his head out of the door and said (in Spanish) EHH you speak spanish too??? i was so embarrased. but then I had an actual conversation with someone and that was a nice change. I should have recommended him a lawyer ....

  4. Alyssa, you make me laugh so hard!!! I am so glad you are doing exciting things with your life!! I brag about you every chance I get :) i love you and can't wit to read more!!