So, im not very motivated to write ... ever. unless its when i finally sit down late at night in my room. You see, I dont have much personal time. I wake up around 7:20 and get the kids ready for estate regazzi (two week day camp), we bike Lorenzo to school (today's fit was one of the more epic ones) and then to the church next door (the bar connects the two.) Estate regazzi lasts until noon, then home, lunch, laundry and nap. Back to camp until four, pick up Lorenzo, bike home, snack, keep the tv off, keep the kids out of the candy and plum cakes (twinkies without the cream) and play outside. Around 4:30, the neighbor Greta will come by with her two girls Rebecca and Raquele (who look exactly like mallory gibbs without teeth --- gooooogeous) and we play and play and play until dinner. Then we eat ... clean ... argue ... clean ... and lately going on bike rides, watching soccer etc. Last night, we watched italy v Paraguay, ate watermelon and beer (from the church bar) came out around midnight and bathed and put away the babies. Then i crawled into bed and died. Did I mention the church has a bar? It is run by old people who volunteer their free time, which is probably like all day long. Anyway, I had a really good dark beer from Denmark last night called ... ceras? maybe? Do your research ak (b double e double r-u-n). haha. So, life is a little crazy. And Im really tired a lot. Did you know espresso is drank here about eh 6 times a day? yeah. with brown sugar, sometimes milk, always biscotti (cookies. What is this biscuit booshit? If you cant put gravy on it, its not a biscuit.) soo as you see, my full time job is busy. Oh, did i mention estate regazzi? If you dont understand, go to a country where you dont speak the language or know anyone, go to the local VBS at church and hop in there. And let them touch your hair. They like it. Make sure they know its 'naturale' and they really want to become your friend. The guy in charge of the microphone learned my name the first day and always adresses me in front of everyone (hallo Aleeeesa. How are YOU!) and then makes me dance this stupid lunch dance. But i secretly really enjoy it. :) I have a crush on a boy who is 14 and emo, my friends all have braces and pimples, annnnd lets see Walter pantsed me and I wasnt wearing any trendy boys ... highlight on my week. Italy, meet my ass, ass meet Italy.

So, two my wonderful 8 followers, life is gooooood. I do miss the bachelorette and hearty breakfasts but im learning so much. Culturally, linguistically and personally, Im growing in so many ways that just cant happen at home, and that is what I had hoped for.


  1. I talked to your mom tonight for a while,she said you will be getting up in 2 hours from now and I am heading to bed in a bout 10 minutes! Keep us informed on how things are going. I am glad you are having a blast and learning more about yourself, you are doing things that most people will never get the chance to do. I am so proud of you!!! MUAH!!! :)

  2. A bar at church?? That is culturally different. Aleeeesa, you probably made Walter's day! Keep up the blog. I love reading it and I always get a chuckle out of it.