Let the countdown begin!

Welcome friends and family to my blog appropriately named "Whale Outta Water."

This nickname came along one day as a few of us were enjoying the beach in Barcelona. Me, AK, Lauren and Ashley were the only ones in swim suits, but we were determined to take advantage of the first ray of sunshine we'd seen since arriving to Europe. We were eating to-go from Organic is Orgasmic, a restaurant at the market in Las Ramblas and enjoying being with the locals and pigeons, hanging out, catching some rays and raising some eyebrows. Somehow that day, white and carb-loaded, I became Whale, and it stuck.

So as always, the Maastricht crew is joining me as I begin my first au pair experience in Italy. I will be living north of Bologna in a small town (even smaller than Lufkin!) called Castello d'Argile. Lucy and Luca and their three boys Antonio, Walter and Lorenzo Maria have been grateful enough to take me in as their eldest daughter-babysitter-moocher-teacher-townwhore. Just kidding about being the town whore -- but they did tell me they have some nice Italian church boys waiting for me. HAllELUjAH!

I land in Bologna Monday morning so until then I will be reading my pocket-sized 'get-rich-quick' language guide and thinking about more borderline-inappropriate comments to make that may make you blush. And like they say on Sex and the City 2: Forbidden experience ahead. I'll do my best to keep it g-rated.

Aren't you gonna miss me :)

Ciao Bellas xxx


  1. Ally! i am SOO jealous that you will be spending so much time in my home country without me! I know you are going to love every minute of it. I wish i could be there with you to experience it all again, but if i want to know EVERYWHERE you go (before you go!) and i cant wait to see pictures!

  2. Oh meepy! I miss you! But I know that you have many great adventures ahead of you, many people out there have not had the blessing of you in their life like we have! Italy doesn't know what it has coming. It's an Alyssa and Italy collision